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Skid Steer

Small, powerful, and highly versatile, skid steers can be dangerous without proper training. Our Skid Steer training course teaches students how to work safely, smoothly, and efficiently with these machines.

Things to consider:

  • Anyone operating a Skid Steer is required by law to be trained
  • The ONLY way for your employees to achieve OHS compliance is by taking both theory and practical training

Course Description

Skid Steer Loader

Course Location: Resident and on-site

Maximum Class Size: 12 Students

Course Duration: 1 day -Classroom and Practical

Skid steers are small, powerful, machines with many uses. They can fit into small spaces to scoop out materials. They can be used to lift and move materials quickly. There are many attachments for skid steers. This makes skid steers very useful.  Skid steers can be dangerous. Skill and knowledge are required for the safe, smooth and efficient operation of a skid steer. This is a safety and driver control training course for skid steers.

This comprehensive course is designed to give you basic safety and operator knowledge for a skid steer. teaches rules and practices for the safe operation of this equipment. 

After successful completion of this course, you should be able to understand:

  • Explain how a skid steer operates
  • This includes weight distribution, centre of gravity, hydraulic, hydrostatics, and diesel motor basics.
  • Perform a daily inspection
  • Show proper entry & exit procedures
  • Demonstrate a proper start up & shut down procedure
  • Demonstrate basic driving ability

After successful completion of this course the student will be issued a certificate of completion.

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