Foreseeing All Your Safety Needs

About Us

We believe that safe workplaces are the best workplaces. Having a sharp focus on staff well-being and doing things the right way creates a virtual cycle that supports efficiency, growth and profitability for large and small companies. 

We work collaboratively with you to develop and promote a culture of shared responsibility. We have experience working with a wide variety of industries from warehousing and manufacturing to construction. No matter what your needs are, we can help you identify and manage risk through recognition, evaluation and education.

Our qualified instructors lead a range of classes that train your employees in everything from first aid and CPR to how to operate heavy machinery such as forklifts, skidsteers, lift trucks and aerial work platforms. We also teach people how to drive ATVs, snowmobiles and UTVs, and offer some of those vehicles for rent along with other specialized equipment. 

Even after your training is complete, we strive to keep you and your employees up to date on provincial and federal health and safety regulations as well as the latest professional practices to ensure your workers are always safe.


History and story

Our company was founded in 2010 by health and safety consultant and trainer Preston Shaman. Over the years, Preston has seen that the most successful companies were the ones that embraced safety as part of their cultures. The ones that cut corners or treated safety as an afterthought or a chore almost always had higher staff turnover and more downtime due to workplace incidents. When you shirk safety, you are invariably less productive and constantly trying to manage through crises.  

Preston also recognized that off-the-shelf generic health and safety courses often didn’t help companies much. Employees had to attend courses that were theoretical instead of offering practical training geared and customized for their particular workplaces. Worse still, they often had to attend these courses off site resulting in too much downtime and too little improvement. 

Premonition bases its training on its clients’ needs. We bring our training to you wherever possible and ground it in what your workplace requires. We work directly with our clients learning their challenges, which allows us to customize our occupational health and safety expertise for your employees, your workplace and your business.

Our Staff

Preston Shaman, President & CEO

Prior to becoming a health and safety consultant and trainer, Preston Shaman spent more than 15 years working in the construction and transportation industry. During that time, he operated various types of heavy and compact equipment, learning the right way to do things to keep businesses humming along safely.

Armed with this firsthand knowledge from the shop floor, Preston become health and safety consultant and trainer in 2008, before founding Premonition Safety Solutions in 2010. He saw how generic safety training programs would often too often miss the mark and lead to unproductive downtime. Customized training designed for each unique workplace or worksite is the better way to ensure the training is effective and embraced by an organization.

He is an active member of the Canadian Society of Safety Engineers (CSSE), the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba (CSAM) and the Canadian Rental Association (CRA). Preston currently serves on the board of the Incident Prevention Association of Manitoba (IPAM)

Coralee Shaman, First Aid & CPR Trainer

Coralee brings more than 20 years of health care experience to Premonition Safety Solutions. She is a Licensed Practical Nurse who enjoys instructing. She brings her experience as an ambulance attendant, first aid provider and nurse to the classroom. She’s seen many different kinds of injuries and knows how people react in emergency situations. This gives her a unique perspective when training people and gives her the ability to impart crucial information in an authentic, memorable and highly credible way. A skilled presenter, Coralee is excellent in teaching groups of all kinds and knowledge levels.