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Site Safety Officer

Site Safety Officer (Contract)


The Site Safety Officer will plan, implement and supervise project safety, accident and fire protection programs in compliance with corporate, federal, provincial and local program standards.  Approximately 65% of work time will be spent in the field conducting audits, crew visits, subcontractor visits, etc. Specifically, the Site Safety Officer will:

  • Oversee and collaborate with site supervisory personnel to identify and remedy unsafe working conditions, immediately if necessary in establishing an injury free work site.
  • Conduct regular walk through inspections and audits of construction area; visit with the crews and subcontractors to ensue safe work practices; investigate all accidents and near misses with the trade superintendents and required foremen and crew; accompany all safety, health, and insurance inspectors on walk through tours; and ensure all documentation is completed according to corporate and outside safety processes and procedures.
  • Participate in daily (at a minimum) project safety related discussions with the Site Manager and Trade Superintendents.
  • Collaborate with corporate safety representatives in reviewing all safety documentation to insure all required records and reports are complete, accurate, and submitted timely.  Ensure appropriate corrective actions are implemented in a timely manner. 
  • Ensure and assist the site team with executing the site safety program, which includes training and orientations, and JHA's.
  • Assist in changing behavior oriented towards safety.  Teaching (vs. telling) in a manner that allows individuals to understand the reasoning behind the behaviors we desire.
  • Develop an understanding of the budgeted risk cost associated with the project.  Communicates and understands the risk of cost implications with on site supervision as well as costs associated with developing solutions.
  • Follow through with injury management and collaborate with supervisors to mitigate claims and exposure to costs with personnel, subcontractors, and equipment.
  • Develop and maintain working relationships with local EMT's, fire departments, law enforcement officials, and identified occupational physicians. Comply with company's Return-to-Work policy.
  • Collaborative communication and team building skills (both written and oral) in expressing our commitment to safety.  Work to make safety a behavior rather than a policy or goal we look to adhere to.

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