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Confined Space Watch/Rescue

The Ministry of Labour clearly defines the requirement of onsite rescue services that are available for immediate implementation in response to a confined space emergency. The use of 911 is no longer an acceptable rescue plan. This regulation has proven to be the most difficult for industry. Having rescue capabilities require additional staff to be hired and trained as well as a significant purchases of rescue equipment. There are very few confined spaces where an effective rescue can be preformed externally. The team must be prepared to enter the space and package the patient for retrieval. Companies that regularly maintained confined spaces in the past, must now contract out the work unless they have a rescue team in place to support their workers.


Premonition Safety Solutions provides a "standby rescue" service, which means we will stage a team of professional rescue technicians, on-site, ready to respond to any confined space emergency. Every technician is certified in Advanced First Aid, CPR, AED, patient immobilization techniques and extrication from confined spaces.


We are prepared to provide service for regular maintenance or emergency shutdown procedures up to 24 hours per day.

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