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Safety Inspections

Workplace Inspections

Every employer must ensure that regular inspections are made of all workplaces, including buildings, structures, grounds, excavations, tools, equipment, machinery and work methods and practices, at intervals that will prevent the development of unsafe working conditions.


Informal Inspections

  • All employees are expected to maintain continual awareness of hazards in their workplace.
  • This is accomplished by supervisors conducting regular walk-through of their areas of authority and by workers checking their work areas prior to commencing work.
  • No formal inspection report is required; however, any detected hazards must be corrected immediately if the task is within the employees capabilities. If not, the hazard should be reported to the area supervisor or management for correction

Formal Inspections

  • Typically conducted on a regular basis, usually performed at least once per month by properly trained operating personnel. Each site or workplace is inspected for hazards and hazardous situations. These inspections should produce a site specific inspection report outlining information necessary to correct unsafe conditions as well as highlight findings.
  • The workplace management team must ensure that any corrective action arising from these reports is taken so that the hazard is eliminated or controlled. These completed reports should be compiled and forwarded to the company Occupational Health and Safety Committee for review.
  • Usually performed at least once per month by properly trained operating personnel.

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